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Science Essay

Science Essay Topics

Here's a list of Science Essay topics, titles and different search term keyword ideas. The larger the font size the more popular the keyword, this list is sorted in alphabetical order:

    Science Essay Examples

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    The Applications Of Technology In The First Decade Of The Twenty-First Century

    Words: 3041    Pages: 11    Paragraphs: 39    Sentences: 161    Read Time: 11:03
                  A quote I heard many times when I was in high school and which I now know traces back to Sir Francis Bacon, one of our earliest scientist or philosophers as they were then called, is the statement "Knowledge Is Power." Today, I believe that the fuller, more correct statement is to say, "the application of knowledge is power."
                  The study of science, and technology subjects will broader our oppor
    Technology Essay 

    Laser Technology

    Words: 707    Pages: 3    Paragraphs: 6    Sentences: 42    Read Time: 02:34
                  The laser is a device that beams a ray of light that is both scientifically and practically of great use, because it is coherent light. The beam is produced by a process known as stimulated emission, and the word "laser" is an acronym for the phrase "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation."
                  Light is just like radio waves in the way that it can also carry information. The inform
    Technology Essay 

    Physical, Chemical And Biological Properties Of Soil

    Words: 2528    Pages: 9    Paragraphs: 45    Sentences: 169    Read Time: 09:11
                  The physical chemical and biological properties determine both the fertility and productivity of soils.
                  A. Physical Properties:
                  The physical properties include texture, structure, and colour.
                  Soil Texture refers to the particle sizes composing the soil. These particles are classified as gravel, sand, silt and clay in decreasing order of size. Four textural types are recognised. These are
    Biology Essay 

    Scientific Management

    Words: 260    Pages: 1    Paragraphs: 6    Sentences: 14    Read Time: 00:56
                  The first systematic theory of organisation was formulated in the early years of the present century under the driving force of Frederick W. Taylor (1856-1915). An engineer by profession, he is regarded as the father of the scientific management.
                  Taylor was stimulated in his early thinking by a number of predecessors, particularly the American industrialist and engineer Henery R. Towne.

    Essay For Kids On Energy

    Words: 500    Pages: 2    Paragraphs: 11    Sentences: 27    Read Time: 01:49
                  Energy can be defined as the capacity to do work, whether that work be on a gross scale as raising mountains and moving air masses over continents, or on a small scale such as transmitting a nerve impulse from one cell to another. There are two kinds of energy, potential and kinetic. Potential energy is energy at rest. It is capable of and available for work.
                  Kinetic energy is due to motion, an

    Essay On Adaptations And Ecotypes

    Words: 706    Pages: 3    Paragraphs: 14    Sentences: 37    Read Time: 02:34
                  Organisms can respond to environmental stress in such a way that their tolerance zones may change. The genetic changes that occur during the evolution of the species because of mutation and natural selection are called adaptations.
                  Presumably, each species is fairly well adapted or fit, if it has been in its particular environ-ment for many generations. The range of tolerance of a species may b
    Biology Essay 

    Overlapping Niches And Niche Separation

    Words: 450    Pages: 2    Paragraphs: 9    Sentences: 22    Read Time: 01:38
                  Though two popula-tions cannot coexist in a given habitat with precisely the same niche, it is highly probable that the niches of different populations will show varying degrees of overlap.
                  This occurs when two organi-sms use the same resource, such as food. Thus the concept of the niche is clo-sely associated with the concept of competitive exclusion and competitive relationships among spices
    Biology Essay 

    Short Essay On Tundra Bioma

    Words: 479    Pages: 2    Paragraphs: 9    Sentences: 24    Read Time: 01:44
                  The tundra presents the most common example of "fragile eco-system" (Clapham, Jr., 1973). Tundra which means "marshy plain", lies largely north of latitude 60?N (i.e., between the Arctic ocean Mid polar ice-caps and the forests to the south) and is characterized by the absence of trees, the presence of dwarfed plants, and an upper ground surface that is wet, spongy and uneven, or hummocky, as a re
    Geology Essay 

    Short Essay For Kids On Water

    Words: 382    Pages: 1    Paragraphs: 7    Sentences: 21    Read Time: 01:23
                  Water is a simple inorganic compound composing of hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O) elements because of the physical arrangement of its hydrogen atom and hydrogen bonds, liquid water consists of branching chains of oxygen tetrahedra.
                  The physical state of water, whether liquid, gas or solid, is determined by the speed at which hydrogen bonds are being formed and broken. Heat increases that speed; hen
    Geology Essay 

    Short Essay On Ecological Succession

    Words: 714    Pages: 3    Paragraphs: 13    Sentences: 28    Read Time: 02:35
                  As a lake fills with silt it changes gradually from a deep to a shallow lake or pond, then to a marsh, and beyond this, in some cases, to a dry-land forest. When a crop field is deserted or a forest is severely burned over, it is just like a plot of bare ground and a series of plant communities grow up there and replace one another- first annual weeds, then perennial weeds and grasses, then shrubs
    Geology Essay 

    Predation : Components & Effects

    Words: 1120    Pages: 4    Paragraphs: 21    Sentences: 69    Read Time: 04:04
                  Predation is a form of disoperation, at least in point of im-mediate effects, since one animal kills another animal or plant for food Like parasitism, predation is important in community dyna-mics but both differ in the point that a predator tends to be large than its and it catches its prey from without, while a parasite is smaller than its host and consumes it from within.
                  Components of preda
    Biology Essay 

    Chemical Properties Of Water

    Words: 1076    Pages: 4    Paragraphs: 21    Sentences: 57    Read Time: 03:54
                  Water consists primarily of a single compound, H2O. It is a universal solvent and most chemical compounds ionize readily in water and provide many radicals and considerable versatility in the rearrangement of chemical substances.
                  It has following chemical properties.
                  Solubility of Gases in Water:
                  Most gases dissolve readily in water, most notably those that are essential for life. The con

    Speciation Essay

    Words: 311    Pages: 1    Paragraphs: 7    Sentences: 14    Read Time: 01:07
                  Through mutation and introgression followed by selection, modification of gene frequencies (genetic drift) and recombination, many species populations come to be composed of a number of freely interbreeding biotypes or races, each adapted to a particular combination of parameters in the habitat.
                  Such a species is called polytypic species. When the component populations of a polytypic species ar
    Biology Essay 

    Essay On Ecotoxicology, Warfare And Ecology

    Words: 2076    Pages: 8    Paragraphs: 48    Sentences: 108    Read Time: 07:32
                  Ecotoxicology is concerned with the toxic effects of chemical agents on living organisms, particularly on population and communities within a defined ecosystem.
                  It includes the transfer chain reactions of those toxic elements and their close relationships with the given environment. Ecotoxicology is different from classical toxicology in that it is a four-pronged subject. Any assessment of the
    Geology Essay Environment Essay 

    The Studies Of Succession Communities In The Artificial And Natural Ecosystems

    Words: 1009    Pages: 4    Paragraphs: 20    Sentences: 48    Read Time: 03:40
                  The studies of succession communities in the artificial and natural ecosystems have led some ecologists such as H T. Odum and R.C. Pinkerton (1955), Cooke (1967), Margalef (1968), Mc Cormick (1968), E.P. Odum (1969) and Whittaker (1970) to develop a model of succession that suggests the following widely applicable trend.
                  At the outset, this model makes clear that succession is not directed by a
    Ecology Essay 

    Essay On Wonders Of Modern Science

    Words: 1190    Pages: 4    Paragraphs: 26    Sentences: 84    Read Time: 04:19
                  Science is all-inclusive and very comprehensive and touches the life of everyone in more ways than we can imagine. It has taken huge strides during the last 4-5 decades. Its achievements, discoveries and inventions have been really fantastic and wonderful. It has been pushing forward with a terrific speed in every walk of our lives. Life without science and its various boons is unthinkable.

    Essay On The Importance Of Lighting

    Words: 681    Pages: 2    Paragraphs: 13    Sentences: 51    Read Time: 02:28
                  Good lighting of places of work, streets and roads is necessary for proper visibility. Lighting should neither be strong nor dim. Bad lighting may lead to eye strain, headache, irritability, loss of temper and accidents.
                  In industries inadequate lighting is uneconomical as the output tends to decrease and the accident rate might increase. Strong or bright lighting may produce glare which is dan
    Informative Essay 

    The Use Of Thermal Treatment Technology In Hospitals

    Words: 753    Pages: 3    Paragraphs: 21    Sentences: 52    Read Time: 02:44
                  Two types of systems, viz. the Low Heat System and High Heat System can be employed to achieve this.
                  The low heat system uses steam, hot water or electromagnetic radiation to heat and decontaminate the waste by operating at temperatures of up to 150 degree centigrade.
                  High heat system uses the process of combustion pyrolysis to destroy the waste by operating at temperatures ranging from 600?
    Medical Essay 

    Science And The Study Of Microbes

    Words: 697    Pages: 3    Paragraphs: 16    Sentences: 36    Read Time: 02:32
                  Most people know that biology deals with the study of plants and animals, and probably recognize it as a science. Textbooks define biology as the science that deals with the study of life. This appears to be a simple, straight forward definition until the word science and life are considered.
                  Science is the study of collection of knowledge of natural events and materials in an orderly fashion f

    Essay On The Outstanding Scientist Louis Pasteur

    Words: 728    Pages: 3    Paragraphs: 17    Sentences: 38    Read Time: 02:38
                  Louis Pasteur (1822-95) was one of the outstanding scientists of his day. His achievements served as stepping-stones for many others. Pasteur confirmed that certain microbes were directly responsible for the formation of such different kinds of molecules as acetic acid and lactic acid.
                  The wine industry of France relied on him to solve the problem of wine changing into vinegar as the alcohol di

    Essay On The Importance Of DNA And RNA

    Words: 495    Pages: 2    Paragraphs: 11    Sentences: 32    Read Time: 01:48
                  There are two kinds of NA. One ribonucleic acid (RNA) is so called because its sugar moiety is the pentose ribose. In the other, the sugar moiety is very similar but has one less oxygen atom than ribose and is called deoxyribose. This NA is called DNA. In RNA the purine bases may be adenine or guanine and the pyrimidine bases, cytosine or uracil. The bases in DNA are the same except that thymine o

    Comprehensive Essay On The Mineral And Energy Resources

    Words: 1017    Pages: 4    Paragraphs: 25    Sentences: 84    Read Time: 03:41
                  The Earth's crust supplies us some basic mineral and energy resources, which we require to meet human needs. The metallic minerals include iron, aluminium, copper, lead, zinc, gold and silver. Non-metallic resources include sand and gravel, building and crushed stone, rock salt, gypsum, clay and agricultural fertilizers. Apart from mining, the minerals can be recycled as well.
                  Energy is the cap
    Geology Essay 

    Essay On Innovation And The Process Of Technology Change

    Words: 534    Pages: 2    Paragraphs: 10    Sentences: 34    Read Time: 01:56
                  The process of technology change is closely linked with innovation. An innovation which causes little disruptive impact on behaviour pattern is called a continuous innovation (e.g., fluoride tooth paste).
                  Inventions, may be large in number, but a few take the shape of an innovation effect, a few others substitution effect and a few more diffusion effect.
                  Innovation effect:
                  Means that thos
    Process Essay Technology Essay 

    Microbial Genetics

    Words: 253    Pages: 1    Paragraphs: 7    Sentences: 13    Read Time: 00:55
                  Genetics is a relatively new field of biology and most associate this science with Johann Gregor Mendel (1822-84), who was the first person to formulate any laws about how characteristics are passed from one generation to the next. This kind of study is often called Mendelian genetics.
                  His work was not generally accepted until 1900, when three men working independently rediscovered some of the
    Biology Essay 

    Aquatic Life

    Words: 493    Pages: 2    Paragraphs: 11    Sentences: 43    Read Time: 01:47
                  There is one world inside water. This world contains many animals and plants. These animals are called as aquatic animals. They have their separate lifestyle. These animals live completely different from normal living beings. They have an entirely different respiratory system. Their respiratory system has provision to breathe inside water but not on the ground or land area.
                  Aquatic animals take
    Animals Essay 

    Essay On Aquaculture

    Words: 488    Pages: 2    Paragraphs: 9    Sentences: 44    Read Time: 01:46
                  God has created this world. He has designed this world by providing beautiful animals and other living beings. The true color of nature can be found in nature itself. Nature involves many things.
                  Nature is not only limited to beautiful hills or mountains but it involves entire things that have not been created by man. Aquatic life is one among these beauties of nature. There is another world in
    Animals Essay 

    The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Cloning

    Words: 917    Pages: 3    Paragraphs: 18    Sentences: 59    Read Time: 03:20
                  Cloning can be defined as the production of genetic copies that can develop genetically identical human organisms. A cloned organism or a number of clones are formed using the same genetic material as in the original organism.
                  An important question that arises is that how is a clone produced? It is said that while cloning animals, scientists start with an ear skin piece which is later minced up
    Argumentative Essay 

    The Importance Of Gregor Mendel's Work

    Words: 416    Pages: 2    Paragraphs: 6    Sentences: 24    Read Time: 01:30
                  Gregor Mendel's work actually was far ahead of his times and the scientific world at that time was not in a position to appreciate the fundamental nature of his contribution. In fact it is not an exaggeration to say the science of genetics got a firm foundation from his work. It was Mendel who thought of a physical basis for inheritance. It was he again, who proposed that inheritance of characters
    Biology Essay 

    Essay On Mendel

    Words: 466    Pages: 2    Paragraphs: 7    Sentences: 23    Read Time: 01:41
                  Gregor Mendel, while enunciating, his law of independent assortment, ascertained that two or more elements, that constitute a hybrid, undergoes independent segregation without being influenced by the other. Mendel's principles of independent assortment apply not only to genes but to chromosomes as well, so that paternal and maternal chromosomes are segregated to separate gametes during meiosis. It
    Biology Essay 


    Words: 389    Pages: 1    Paragraphs: 11    Sentences: 26    Read Time: 01:24
                  The story of Gregor Mendel's life history and work is a curious mixture of luck and misfortune. Mendel was lucky because the experimental organism and the characters he chose to enunciate the laws of inheritance were admirably suited than any other organism; the misfortune is, the scientific world just ignored his epoch making discoveries."
                  The story of success and yet a failure to get apprecia
    Biographical Essay 

    The Different Types Of Hereditary Diseases

    Words: 476    Pages: 2    Paragraphs: 12    Sentences: 26    Read Time: 01:43
                  These are inborn diseases that the individual has in its genetic mechanism. It reflects an inbuilt fault in the genetic machinery. Many of the human diseases are known to be hereditary -Taste blindness to PTC, colorblindness, Diabetes, albinism.
                  Haemophilia, Xeroderma, phenyl Ketonuria, Alkaptanuria, Sickle cell anaemia are all due to a fault in the genetic machinery and an individual suffers f
    Medical Essay Health Essay 

    Essay On The Cell

    Words: 435    Pages: 2    Paragraphs: 6    Sentences: 29    Read Time: 01:34
                  One of the marvels of nature is the creation of tiny yet potent biological compartments called cells. There is virtually no living being in the biological world saves for Viruses which is not cellular. Either one, two or many millions of cells go to make the body of the living beings. A cell may be defined as the 'structural and functional unit of a living being. It is the minimal biological unit
    Biology Essay 

    Essay On The Endoplasmic Reticulum

    Words: 620    Pages: 2    Paragraphs: 16    Sentences: 49    Read Time: 02:15
                  The cytoplasm in the cells of most of the plants and animals is traversed by a network of anastomosing fibrillar structures called endoplasmic reticulum (ER). Originally known as ergastoplasm, the current name ER was given by Porter and Kaallman (1952).
                  The ER is connected to the outer nuclear membrane with the ER space opening into the perinuclear space between two membranes. The ER is known t
    Anatomy And Physiology Essay 

    Essay On Mutation

    Words: 420    Pages: 2    Paragraphs: 12    Sentences: 24    Read Time: 01:31
                  The term mutation was first coined by Hugo devries in the early 1900 to designate sudden and drastic changes that occurred in plants.
                  Devries conducting breeding experiments on the plant Oenothera lamarckiana (Of the family Onagraceae) commonly called the Evening primrose.
                  He noticed that some of the progeny possessed characters which were not to be found in either of the parental types. He
    Biology Essay 

    The Safety Implications Of Genetic Engineering Research

    Words: 538    Pages: 2    Paragraphs: 15    Sentences: 22    Read Time: 01:57
                  The scientific committee at large and biologists in general have been thinking for a very long time as to how to introduce some sense into genetic engineering research.
                  While it may not be prudent to indulge in genetic engineering for problems which can be solved otherwise it is equally true that genetic engineering cannot be totally given up as it indeed has the potential of solving some of th
    Biology Essay 

    Scientific Revolution Essay

    Words: 2569    Pages: 9    Paragraphs: 24    Sentences: 101    Read Time: 09:20
                  To this question one can answer either 'yes' or 'no' and be correct with both conclusions as I will explain in this essay. It is all a matter of time. To the peasant, the servant and even the aristocracy of the sixteenth and seventeenth century, not only did the scientific revolution have little or no practical effect on their lives, most of them never even knew what it was or that it was happenin

    Essay On The Failure Of Social Science

    Words: 630    Pages: 2    Paragraphs: 5    Sentences: 37    Read Time: 02:17
                  Science has progressed by providing powerful predictions and explanations about how the world works. Natural science has experienced a sustained growth of knowledge, which has led to the uncovering of laws that allow human beings to control or manipulate various aspects of the world around us. A sustained growth of knowledge and the discovery of useful laws are absent from social science. The soci

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