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Essay On The Life History Of Qutbuddin Aibak

Words: 632    Pages: 2    Paragraphs: 12    Sentences: 47    Read Time: 02:17
              In the words of Stanley Lanepoole, "Qutbuddin was the real founder of the Muslim dominion in India." Although the credit of the victories in India goes to Muhammad Ghori, yet Aibak was pri-marily responsible for the success of Sultan Ghori.
              The consolida-tion of the victories was not done by Ghori for he mostly remained away from India. It was Aibak who carried out the consolidation on behalf o
India Essay 

The Brave Soldier Iltutmish

Words: 483    Pages: 2    Paragraphs: 10    Sentences: 46    Read Time: 01:45
              Iltutmish was a brave soldier and an experienced military commander. The Sultan, Muhammad Ghori, was very much impressed by his valour and instructed his slave Aibak to free him from slavery. He led the army against Yaldoz, Qubacha, Rajputs and Bengarand always attained victory due to his ability and capability.
              Dr. A. L. Srivastava writers, "Iltutmish was not a builder of civil institutions an
War Essay India Essay 

Characteristics That Must Be Included In An Ideal Penal System

Words: 2139    Pages: 8    Paragraphs: 34    Sentences: 119    Read Time: 07:46
              By way of generalization, it may be stated that efficacy of a penal system is to be assessed in the light of its impact on society in general and the criminal in particular. Punishment of offenders though necessarily arduous, is inevitable in the interest of the community at large therefore; every civilized nation must have a definite penal program.
              An ideal penal system must essentially includ
Crime Essay 

Essay On The Important Applications Of Hindu Law

Words: 1186    Pages: 4    Paragraphs: 18    Sentences: 72    Read Time: 04:18
              Hinduism, it has rightly been said, is a mass of fluctuating faiths and opinions, embracing within itself a vast spectrum, ranging from the wandering fancies of savage superstition to the highest insight of daring thought. This brings us to a moot question, viz., who is a "Hindu"?
              The term "Hindu" is not very precise in its significance. Actually, the term is nowhere to be found in the ancient
Hinduism Essay Religion Essay 

Essay On The Uniform Civil Code In India

Words: 2083    Pages: 8    Paragraphs: 33    Sentences: 97    Read Time: 07:34
              Article 44 of the Constitution of India lays down an important directive principle of state policy, namely, that the State shall endeavour to secure for its citizens, a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India. However, as clarified by Art. 37, directive principles are not enforceable by any court, although they are fundamental in the governance of the country.
              Today, citizens of In
India Essay Law Essay 

Alauddin Khilji's Anti-Hindu Policy

Words: 611    Pages: 2    Paragraphs: 11    Sentences: 44    Read Time: 02:13
              Alauddin was intolerant towards the Hindus, and he tried to suppress them by every possible measure. Though historians are not unanimous on the issue of his anti-Hindu policy and its causes, yet it is sure that he never paid attention to the welfare of the Hindus. His dialogue with Qazi Mughisuddin highlights his attitude towards the Hindus when he inquires of him about the position of Hindus as t
Hinduism Essay 

An Essay On The Role Of Women In Islam

Words: 1449    Pages: 5    Paragraphs: 6    Sentences: 72    Read Time: 05:16
              For every one woman in the world there are 1.014 men according to a 2014 estimate. This means that just about half of all the people in the world are women. Two halves make a whole, so for a society to function properly there must be combined roles for both male and female. Unfortunately in certain societies women are discriminated against, making that society a broken society. No society that dis
Islam Essay 

The Hijab Essay

Words: 912    Pages: 3    Paragraphs: 12    Sentences: 59    Read Time: 03:18
              When you begin reading this article, some of you won't know what the Hijab is. So, before I go on talking about it, I will explain what it is. The Hijab is a head scarf worn by muslim girls. It covers their hair, ears and neckline. It is an Islamic tradition that is widely accepted in many countries in the Middle East.
              Many people feel negatively about this tradition, especially people from the
Islam Essay 

A Poem Of Kabir Essay

Words: 487    Pages: 2    Paragraphs: 6    Sentences: 26    Read Time: 01:46
              Kabir, a 15th century saint and poet from India, wrote poems that bashed organized religion and called for divine experience rather than dogma. His poems are usually simple but profound, having metaphors that are easy even for lay people to understand, with some exceptions. In a land full of religions and spiritual practices, Kabir exposed the hypocrisy of rituals practiced by those where he lived
Poetry Essay 

The Hitler, Racist, Liar Donald Trump

Words: 1088    Pages: 4    Paragraphs: 7    Sentences: 94    Read Time: 03:57
              As Donald Trump likes to put it the Muslims are terrorists and they need to be kept out of the United States. Just how do you think you are going to do that, may I ask? Oh that's right you can't because that means that you are taking away the very thing that America is based on, our diversity, and don't forget our first amendment right: freedom of religion. "You can practice any religion or not pr
Donald Trump Essay Opinion Essay 

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